1. About Us
  2. Methodology

“Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught”. — Oscar Wilde

At W Training and Consulting, our training methodology and approach emphasises passing on knowledge reliably and building skills that are aligned with the current industry demand.

We deploy contemporary teaching methodologies and practices in our pedagogical approach.

The main characteristics of our methodology are:

  • Process driven
  • Ongoing R& D
  • Adoption of the best practices
  • Smart analytics for performance measurement

We keep our participants highly involved and engaged so that they grasp and retain information. We, therefore, strive to ensure that our training contents are relevant and actionable.

Our training materials are highly pertinent to learner’s life experiences and expectations.

Our training programmes are designed to provide participants with a hands-on and relevant learning experience. We call our approach as FVR Cycle. We use FVR Cycle as our guiding principle in whatever we do:

  • Frequency: We will reinforce the knowledge of best practices, ensuring scaffolding/building blocks of knowledge.
  • Validity: We check and align the content with learning objectives.
  • Reliability: We ensure consistency of standards to build reliability in achieving intended training outcomes.

We tailor our services to serve the interest of our three key stakeholders: Learners, Industry, Company